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Frango à Passarinho

Crispy fried chicken pieces cooked with garlic and parsley served with homemade Copacabana sauce


Calabresa Acebolada

Brazilian sausage pan fried with onions.


Dadinho de Tapioca

Fried cubes made with granulated flour, cheese and spices, served with sweet chilli sauce


Trio Coxinhas

Trio of Brazilian croquettes with different fillings - meat, chicken and cheese - served with homemade Copacabana sauces


Tilápia Frita

White Brazilian crispy fried fish serve with homemade Copacabana sauce


Banana-da-Terra frita

Slices of fried plantain seasoned with spices and served with homemade Copacabana sauce


Filé De Tilapia

Breaded fish fillet deep fried


Queijo Halloumi

Grilled Halloumi cheese served with special honey sauce



Freshly fried pork crackling served with sweet chilli sauce


Asinhas de Frango

Chicken wings served with homemade Copacabana sauce


Mandioca Frita

Fried Cassava




Traditional Brazilian dish made with black beans and pork meat, slow cooked and seasoned with spices and fresh ingredients. Served with spring greens, orange, pork crackling, vinaigrette, rice and cassava flour


Costela ao Vinho Tinto

Selected ribs marinated in wine with fresh herbs slow roasted and served with two sides of your choice


Frango na Laranaja

Roasted chicken, served with orange sauce with two sides of your choice


Vaca Atolada

Beef ribs and cassava slow cooked with fresh vegetable sauce, served with rice


Contra Filé

Selected sirloin steak with two options of sides



Selected picanha steak with two options of sides


Salada Copacabana

Mixed salad, cucumber, tomato, grilled pineapple and olives.

with Sirloin £16

with Chicken £12

with Halloumi £14

Hot Stone

Choose your meat

Picanha £28

Sliced picanha steak in olive oil with two options of sides and sauces

Contra Filé £22

Sliced sirloin in aromatic olive oil with two options of sides and sauces

Filé Mignon Suíno £17

Sliced pork filet in olive oil with two options of sides and sauces

Tábua De Peixe E Frutos Do Mar £24.95

Tilápia white fish, prawns and salmon in olive oil with two options of sides and sauces

Choice of sauce

Sweet Chilli



Basmati cooked rice


Feijão Tropeiro

Black beans, spring greens, eggs, garlic, cassava flour mix, calabresa sausage, pork belly


Batata Frita




Onion, tomato, peppers and cabbage in white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil


Mandioca Frita

Cassava fries


Vegetais Salteados

Pan fried vegetables


Salada de Maionese

Salad made with potatoes, carrots, egg, olives and mayonnaise


Farofa de Banana

Plantain, cassava flour, butter, onion, garlic and bacon


Salada Mista

Mix salad with tomato, red onion and cucumber


Copacabana Burger

Brioche bread and mix salad with four toppings: calabresa sausage, bacon, shredded chicken, egg, onion, cheese, pineapple and sweetcorn. Served with chips.




Served with granola, banana and honey


Abacaxi Grelhado

Grilled pineapple with maple syrup and cinnamon served with vanilla ice cream


Banana Flambada

Flambé banana, spices and orange syrup. Served with vanilla ice cream


Cinco Texturas de Milho Verde

Sweetcorn served in five different textures


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