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The tapioca is moistened, strained through a sieve to become a coarse flour, then sprinkled onto a pan, where the heat makes the starchy grains fuse into a flatbread which resembles a grainy pancake. Served with your choice of two filings (ham, cheese, shredded chicken, minced beef tomato or brazilian calabresa sausage)


Açaí na tigela

"Bowl of Açaí" is a dish made of the frozen and mashed fruit of the açaí palm. It is served in a bowl with your choice of toppings: Granola (Granola), Paçoca ( Peanut Crumbs), Leite Ninho (Cream Milk Power), Morango (Strawberry), Banana (Banana), Frutas Vermelhas (Berries).


Pão De Queijo

Brazilian cheese puffs bread - 8 per portion


A selection of Cakes and Toasties are available everyday

Hot drinks, fresh juices and smoothies complete our breakfast menu

Pastel frito

Fried Pastel

One of the most typical Brazilian dishes. Crispy & golden parcel with a soft filling in the centre.

Cheddar Cheese

Thin-crust parcel filled with cheddar cheese & seasoning


Chicken & Creamy Cheese)

Thin-crust parcel filled with shredded chicken, catupiry creamy cheese & seasoning


Minced Beef

Thin-crust parcel filled with minced beef & seasoning


Ham & Cheese

Thin- crust parcel filled with ham, cheddar cheese & seasoning



Thin-crust parcel filled with shredded chicken seasoning


Sausage & Cheese

Thin-crust parcel filled with Brazilian calabresa sausage, cheddar cheese & seasoning



Cesta de Focaccia e Azeitona

Flat oven-baked Italian bread perfectly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside & marinated green and black olives


Coxinha de Frango

Shredded chicken meat covered in dough, battered and fried - 5 per portion



Deep-fried croquettes of beef and bulgur wheat, seasoned with garlic, onions and mint



Pork cracking


Frango à Passarinho servido com maionese de alho

Crispy Fried Chicken served with garlic mayo


Calabresa Acebolada

Brazilian Sausage served on a bed of fried onions


Filé De Tilapia

Breaded fish fillet deep fried


Camarão Empanado Servido Com Molho Agridoce

Deep-fried breaded prawns served with sweet- chilli sauce


Polenta Frita

Deep-fried polenta sticks


Coração de Galinha Frito servido com cebola frita e Pão

Fried Chicken Hearts served with fried onion & bread


Mandioca Frita

Fried Cassava


Calamari Frito E Servido Com Maionese De Alho

Deep-fried Calamari rings served with garlic mayo


Queijo Halloumi Servido Com Molho De Mel E Trufas

Halloumi Cheese served with honey & truffle sauce



Feijoada Completa

Black Bean and Pork meat stew served with white rice, spring greens, slice of orange and grated cassava crumbs 'farofa'


Picanha Individual

Rumpcap for 1 served with choice of 2 sides


Picanha Completa

Rumpcap for 2 served with all sides


Bife à Cavalo

Rump with friend egg on top served with choice of 2 sides


Strogonoff de Frango

Chicken Stroganoff served with white rice and potato crisps


Frango à Parmigiana

Breaded chicken breast covered with tomato sauce, melted cheese and oregano served with white rice and salada or chips


Frango Grelhado

Chicken breast served with choice of 2 sides


Choice for sides

White rice - Pinto beans - Chips - Green Salad or Vinaigrette Salad (Tomato, onion, green pepper & parsley)


Chicken Caesar Salad

Cos lettuce, shaved parmigiano cheese, croutons, chicken breast sliced, served with ceaser dressing - add crispy bacon for £1


copacabana Salad

Rocket, roquito pearls, baby potatoes, rump steak sliced, shaved parmegiano cheese, served with olive oil, vinegar, lemon, garlic & rosemary dressing


Caprese Side Salad

Sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, sweet basil, seasoned with salt, olive oil and pesto


Side Dishes

Vinagrete (tomato, onion, green pepper & parsley salad) £3.50
Pão (sourdough bread) £2.10
Maionese (potato, carrot, sweetcorn, Spring onion, boiled egg & mayo salad) £3.50
Batata frita(chips) £2.95
Banana frita(fried platain) £2.95
Arroz (white rice £2.95
Feijão(pinto beans) £3.10
Ovo frito(fried egg) £0.99
Couve(spring greens sauteèd) £2.95


We ensure our steaks are high quality. Every steak is trimmed to specification, sealed on the char-grill and served to you on a hot stone, so that you get every bite hot and cooked to your taste! To make it even more unique you have the choice of butter and sauce.

Choose your meat

Rumpcap Steak

Picanha (Rumpcap Steak) £16.25

Sirloin Steak

Contra-Filé (Sirloin Steak) £18.25


Tábua De Peixe E Frutos Do Mar £24.95

Seafood Platter with: Salmão (Salmon), Camarão (Prawns), Peixe Branco Da Estação(Seasonal White Fish)

Choose Your Flavour

Butter & sauce are included in the price (one of each)


Butter (butter)

Manteiga pura (plain butter)
Manteiga & ervas (garlic & herbs)


Molho (sauce)

Molho de pimenta (spicy sauce)
Molho teriyaki (teriyaki sauce)


Abacaxi Grelhado com canela

Grilled pineapple with cinnamon


Cheesecake de Goiabada

Guava Cheesecake



Famous Brazilian Sweet made with chocolate powder, condensed milk and chocolate sprinkles



Brazilian berries served with granola and banana


Mousse de Maracujá

Passion Fruit Mousse


Pudim de Leite Condensado

Brazilian crème caramel


Call for all your​ Reservations